The Congregation of Universal Wisdom is a religious order that believes in a Supreme Master of all levels in creation and all life of the Universe. It is the guide or principle by which all mankind shall aspire to live. Members of the Congregation believe that the upheaval of morals and inferiority of human values have been the results of a departure of mankind from the ideals expressed by Universal Wisdom. This has resulted in a sick and decaying society whose redemption can only be brought about by a blending of Universal Intelligence with man's innate mind.

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Moral Obligation

Expressed through Universal Wisdom, the health and purity of body, mind, and spirit shall be the supreme attainment of mankind. This is expressed a beautiful and meaningful world in harmony with all living things. All living things are the expression of God and/or Universal Wisdom. Laying on of hands to the vertebrae shall be the sole means of maintaining the LIFE FORCE through Universal Wisdom. See more

All living things are ordained through Universal Wisdom to be endowed with all resources which shall initiate, sustain and perpetuate life be they chemical, physical or spiritual through the laws of nature. It is sacrilege to introduce into the body living organisms or any unnatural matter that may alter the natural balance of that organism rendering it into a state of dis-ease. The laying on of hands, that basic manner of conveying universal forces by man, shall serve as the sole means of conveying and radiating the life forces from above, downward and outward. See more

Injecting, ingesting, applying, or inhaling any medication, chemicals, or other foreign substances in disharmony with the laws of nature is sacrilege. Consequently, this is a departure of the precepts of the Congregation. See more

The laity of the Congregation of Universal Wisdom shall be composed of those seeking spiritual and physical health combined by unequivocal adherence to the principles of the Congregation and the laying on of hands on their vertebrae. The laity shall elect from its body Lay ministers who may be called upon to preach and promote the Gospel of the Congregation.  See more

The ministry will be constituted by those sufficiently trained in the art, philosophy and theology of the laying on of hands to the vertebrae. Candidates for the ministry of the Congregation will be examined by a body of five approved Ministers and one lay Minister who will cast one vote each to admit the candidate to partake in the ministry.  See more

There will be no edifice erected in a denominational or physical sense to denote the place of worship of the children of Universal Wisdom. God sees all, hears all, feels all, and knows all. Therefore, God is everywhere all the time and is in all living things. The Congregation shall consist of any member meeting at a designated meeting place anywhere in the Universe. See more

No court or civil legal body or any tribunal anywhere in the universe shall proclaim itself master in judgment over the physical, mental, or spiritual health of any living thing. The only true judge is God in harmony with universal forces; therefore no other living being possess the intellect to judge such matters. The Congregation in adherence to their spiritual belief and religion are bound by their moral obligation to make resistance and refusal to such judgments in keeping with their committed belief and practice. See more

Congregation of Universal Wisdom


Congregation of Universal Wisdom


Congregation of Universal Wisdom



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