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Tenets Of Belief

Please review each tenet before requesting membership

The Congregation of Universal Wisdom is a religious order that believes in a Supreme Master of all levels in creation and all life of the Universe.  It is the guide or principle by which all mankind shall aspire to live. It is the belief of the members of the Congregation that the upheaval of morals and inferiority of human values have been the results of a departure of mankind from the ideals expressed by Universal Wisdom.   This has resulted in a sick and decaying society whose redemption can only be brought about by a blending of Universal Intelligence with man’s innate mind.

If you feel that you and your family can live up to the tenets of the Congregation, please respond by completing the Membership application. Membership in the CONGREGATION OF UNIVERSAL WISDOM requires completion of a formal application including your name and the names of your family members. 

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